Come Kingdom

Reading Matthew 6:9-15

I learned a new word recently; inscape. It is the inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work of art or a poem.  Sort of the other side of coin from landscape. Not so much what you see, but you perceive based on what you see.  In the classic Mona Lisa portrait, you may see something in her eyes or face that reveals to you about her character -or not.

The next line of the Lord’s prayer begins, “Your Kingdom come.”  In this age we do not experience the full Kingdom of God -yet.  That won’t happen until the return of Jesus and the great Day of the Lord.  If we look back to the beginning of the ministry of Jesus, He had one major point to his preaching: “the Kingdom of God is near, prepare, respond.”

The New Testament writers tell us that the Kingdom of God is here, just not yet in its fullness.  We do not see the full picture (landscape), but we can see glimpses of its nature and character (inscape).  In this broken and mixed up world we recognize the Kingdom at work by the grace, hope, peace of believers who reach out in the love of Christ to make a difference.  As believers focus on the inscape of the kingdom, we are made different in the love Christ.

So, we pray, ‘your kingdom come’, looking to see God continue His ongoing work in and through us. For the one who puts their faith in God, it means acknowledging that Jesus is the King and we give him our fidelity and loyalty, entering into His service. For those searching, it means the potential of some relief from the trials of this world, not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually.


May you, as you next pray ‘your kingdom come’, encounter the risen Jesus, and bow before your King to receive his blessing.

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