The Price Of Betrayal

Reading: Luke & John’s Gospels, the Passion Narratives.

As we near the passion narrative of Good Friday and Easter I have been pondering the difference between Peter and Judas. Their stories are found in Gospels of Luke & John. Both men had to deal with disappointment in God, in Jesus, and in themselves. Both men had their faith challenged and picked by what and who they perceived Jesus to be. and what they thought He should be doing as the Messiah. In the heart of Judas those thoughts led to a bitterness and hardening of his heart and a self-centeredness. In that Judas became known as the thief who pilfered from the common purse of Jesus and his disciples. Known as the one who betrayed Jesus for thirty silver coins. Greed had replaced a trusting faith. Peter challenged Jesus and his prediction of the path ahead and was rebuked for his concern. Peter in his pride vowed he would never fail Jesus: “I am willing to go to jail or even die for you.” Peter turning to violence and cut off the ear of one of those coming to arrest Jesus . Peter who denied Jesus three times. Both mean failed Jesus, both men knew extreme remorse. In his remorse Judas hung himself. In his remorse Peter turned to Jesus. It has been said that the door to the human heart/soul only has a handle on the inside. Judas would not open up to Jesus in his failure and abandoned himself to death. Peter opened his heart to Jesus and abandoned himself to God’s grace, seeking forgiveness. This Easter season, it matters not what you have done or how you have failed God, there is grace for you -open up to Jesus.


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